Carved Turtle Infinity Twist Necklace


The symbol for infinity is ∞. Initially called the Lemniscate, meaning ‘ribbon’, by the ancient Greek, the infinity sign carries the shape of a sideways figure eight, whose shape could be imagined as a twisted ribbon that has no beginning or end. It is meaningful because if you start tracing from any point on the infinity symbol ‘ribbon’, you will never reach an ‘end’ but will continue on the infinity loop forever. Today, the infinity symbol can also symbolize eternity and everlasting love. A timeless piece with a turtle carving to add the essence of fertility, vitality, and great patience.

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hawaiian infinity carved turtle
Carved Turtle Infinity Twist Necklace


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          Handmade with Aloha 🌺

Style: Carved Infinity Twist with Turtle
Size: height: 58mm, width: 45mm, depth: 8mm
Cord: adjustable tan
Material: buffalo bone
Engraving: hibiscus

Bone is a natural material and the color may vary slightly in person. We shot the pictures in natural lighting to capture the organic feel of the pendant and give you the best representation of the piece.

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