Hawaiian Plumeria Collection

Featured is our elegant two tone Kapua Pualani Plumeria Hawaiian jewelry collection. Kapua means “to blossom” and Pualani means “heavenly flower.” In Hawaiian culture, the plumeria encompasses serenity, love, and relationships.
Embrace your loving nature with our exquisite plumeria designs.

Blossoming on the sandy shores of Hawai’i, Paula wears Seaside Treasures beautiful Plumeria Collection. 

Six-Petal Hawaiian Plumeria Collection

Plumerias have come to thrive on Hawaiian land in lush colorful petals and fresh scent. Usually, the plumeria blooms in five petals, and those who stumble upon a six-petal plumeria are considered lucky. Our custom Six-Petal Plumeria Collection brings good fortune to you in stunning 14K gold designs. Featuring engraved bands and precious gems, the six-petal plumeria encourages you to wear your own luck.