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Hawaiian Pineapple Pendant


Pineapples are sweet and juicy. Wear this tropical treat to remind yourself of your inner sweet and juicy nature.

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Gold Starfish Pendant


An ancient Hawaiian tale tells that stars fell from the heavens into the ocean and created starfish to illuminate the ocean floor. Wear the celestial star of the Hawaiian waters in a beautiful gold starfish pendant.

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Six Petal 14k Gold Plumeria Ring with Diamond


Evoke the tranquil essence of the beautiful plumeria blossom and embody the feeling of paradise. Set on a semi-engraved band, the six-petal plumeria blooms with a lucky spirit.

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14k Yellow Gold Six Petal Plumeria Ring with Diamond


With its maile engraved band, this plumeria ring adorns the finger with an all-around natural and elegant spirit.

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4mm Hawaiian Heirloom Plumeria Bracelet with Old English Scroll

4mm Hawaiian Heirloom Plumeria Bracelet with Old English Scroll is hand made in Hawaii from 14K Gold. The bangle features beautiful Hawaiian plumeria flowers, maile leaves, and Old English engraving across the outer surface of the bangle.

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Six Petal 14k Gold Plumeria Bracelet


Known for their ability to produce new blossoms after being uprooted, the plumeria tree brings its immortality to the Six-Petal Plumeria Bracelet. The lovely flower wraps around the wrist to give a continuously blooming spirit.

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Kapua Two Tone Plumeria Scrolled Pendant


Kapua in Hawaiian means “to blossom.” Set on a scrolled pendant, the Kapua plumeria blooms with a single precious gem. Fit for the daydreamer and romantic in your life.

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