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Silver Flower w/CZ Leaf Ring


In the Hawaiian culture, the plumeria symbolizes positivity and is used in leis or to celebrate special occasions. When worn in the hair, the plumeria flower symbolizes the relationship status of the wearer. A flower over the right ear means she is available while one over the left means she is taken.

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Hawaiian Scroll Ring Cut-out Design


Maile is an endemic plant which means that is native to Hawaii’s jungle. Kahunas also known as Hawaiian priests, use maile leis to bind the bride and groom’s hands together as a symbol of their unity. The maile vine has deep green leaves which are also fragrant and vibrant. Maile leaves today are symbol of unity, respect, peace, friendship and love. We hand crafted this silver barrel ring with lovely engraving mailey leaf and a beautiful Hawaiian scroll design. Treat yourself to the feel of this beautiful Hawaiian heritage ring. Made for all occasions.

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