Seaside Treasure Hawaii founder

Aaron Matthew Po’okela MacDonald
Founder & Artisan, SST

Seaside Treasure Hawaii Logo

About Seaside Treasure Hawaii

Growing up my mom was in the jewelry business and I saw how people really loved the jewelry after they purchased it. They were always happy. It’s that feeling of love, romance, or friendship that I associated with. Being born and raised in Hawaii I also feel a deep connection with the islands and culture so I wanted to start a company that shares the Aloha spirit within each and every piece. From the piece or collection itself to the packaging and brand. I want everyone who wears a SST piece to feel a connection to something they love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Hawaii but I want to transcend the essence of beauty through our pieces.

Where did the name Seaside Treasure Hawaii come from?

I often get asked this question and it’s real simple. The treasure is you. Some people think no one is special. But I do. I believe that each and every person is special and unique and has something to offer. To this world, to their friends and their family. When I was at the beach one day, I saw so many people and thought each one of them is a treasure, unique with no same finger print. I wanted to find a way to bring that treasure out of them and what better way than wearing a timeless piece of jewelry to remind you of who you really are. So I said, that’s what I’ll call this company. Seaside Treasure, and Hawaii is where it all started. 

If you type something in the search bar in the top left corner of your computer screen you may find a hidden treasure. I’m giving away $100 to the first person who finds it!